Step 1

Apply for the Austin Assurance Scholarship

Read the Frequently Asked Questions and make sure to complete and submit your scholarship application.

Volunteer Hours

Step 1

Complete and log community volunteer hours

  • Find and document opportunities on the Get Connected website through the United Way of Mower County. Students graduating in 2021 and beyond must complete 50 volunteer hours in the community.

Step 1

Apply to Riverland Community College


Step 1

Complete Riverland’s online orientation

All new students are required to complete online orientation to learn more about the responsibilities of being a college student and information regarding the Austin Assurance Scholarship.


Step 1

Complete Your FAFSA Application

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the form that the federal government, states, colleges and other organizations use to award financial aid. You must complete and submit this in order to receive the Austin Assurance Scholarship.


Step 1

Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Riverland's academic advisors are professionals with advanced degrees who are ready and willing to assist students with their educational needs. You will register for classes and learn more about preparing to be a successful student at Riverland. Sign up to meet your Advisor when you complete online orientation.